The Wes Booker Football Officials Camp in Little Rock, Arkansas is a great place to learn and refine your skills.  Our main focus is to help football officials get better prepared for any situation whether it's at the high school, college, or God willing the professional level.  There's always room to improve your game!   We hope you will join us as we all strive to be the best football officials we can possibly be.

Earn Your Stripes!

Camp Information


JUNE 12TH - JUNE 14TH - 2019






Early Bird Special - $399 (Due By - Dec. 31st)

$449 - Regular Fee (Due By - May 31st)

$300 - Replay


Early Bird Special - $425 (Due By - Dec. 31st)

$475 - Regular Fee (Due By - May 31st)

$325 - Replay

Camp Fee is Non-Refundable

We are adding Replay for 2018!

Replay Component!

DVSports will be joining us and bringing all the equipment used on Saturdays!!

As more and more conferences move to add replay to their games it's creating a lack of qualified, knowledgeable, tech savvy individuals.  This area of officiating needs people that can use the technology and equipment quickly and correctly.

Join us and learn how to use the equipment and show the coordinators you have the ability to use the equipment to get the call right and keep the game moving!

2018 Guest Speakers

Walt Coleman

NFL Referee

Steve Shaw

SEC Coordinator of Officials

NCAA Secretary Rules Editor

David Sharp

 Current member of the NCAA Football Rules Committee and AD at Quachita Baptist 

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