About Us


WB Football Officiating Camp

The Brain Child of SEC Official Wes Booker, the WBFOC strives to improve all aspects of officiating football.  No matter what level of football you currently work, there is always room to improve.


Outstanding/Committed Staff

The staff is committed to helping you improve your game.  The goal of this camp is not just to teach, but to share information and experiences to improve football officiating at every level.


Earn Your Stripes

"Earn Your Stripes" is a motto we've come up with as a reminder that no matter how good you've been in the past, there's always room to improve.  Always Learning, Never Settling, and Uncompromising.

Join us, and Earn Your Stripes!

WBFOC Board of Directors

Wes Booker - President / Founder

George Davison - Vice President / Administration

Brad Rickett - Vice President / Marketing / Logistics

Kevin Holmes - Vice President / Legal Affairs

Lark Jones - Vice President / Camp Director

Anthony Jeffries - Vice President / Program Scheduling

Shauwn Howell - Vice President / Promotions / Sponsorships